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   We are pleased to introduce the Spira II ultimate tuning feet.  

   Although the original Spira impressed countless audiopiles for its stunning sonic effect, its costly price has kept many audiophiles from immediate financial commitment. Now, audiophiles worldwide can enjoy the same Spira effect with the SPIRA II at a much lower price. 
   The Spira II is simply the affordable version of the wonderful original Spira, but it shares the same mechanical structure and design principle with the original Spira: the proprietary spiral suspension disk and the triple zirconia ball  mechanism.  Only major ommission is the replacement of the Tank wood top coupler disk with a duralumin disk.

   For more convenient application, the Spira II has the lowered height of 1.2 inches (or 30mm).  This low height enables audiophiles to readily apply it in a low clearance audio rack environment.


   The new Spira II is available from Spetember, 2011 at the selected distributor and dealer show rooms.



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