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DC Servo Motor & Servo Controller


Turntable Drive System


This Pyon DC Servo Motor and Servo Controller system is one of the world best systems, if not the best, money can buy for your turntable. And this system is the very best motor and controller mechanism that the 21st century technology can offer.

Regardless of your future turntable change or upgrade, this turntable motor system will never become obsolete, since it will continue to serve your future turntables and your analogue pleasure at its very best.
Also, I bet this motor system will remain with your audio hobby for life time and your children will keep their eyes on it as the most wanted inheritance. ^^ ^^ ^^

Have you listened to a turntable with perfect TIMING and PACING?

When you listen to and audition LPs played at the speed accuracy of perfection, you become instantly fallen into a state of musical ecstasy through so natural flow of music and the great comfort to your ears. This kind of almost spiritual^^ ^^ ^^ experience would further convince you that the vinyl is still the KING OF MUSIC, even in today's times digital music sources are overflowing and widespread everywhere.

In general, mega-expensive turntables are employing the best possible motor mechanism such as a servo motor for precise speed accuracy. The very reason for such obsessed emphasis on the highest performing motor is that perfect timing and pacing are the indispensable factor in realizing the highest level of LP music reproduction.

There are three kinds of turntable motors in large.

* AC synchronous motor: this motor is being most widely used by mid-priced turntables like Lynn LP12 and various VPIs and other low priced turntables such as Rega and Project

* DC motor (or BLDC motor): this motor is being adopted by high end turntables from newly emerging and recent high-end brands in Europe and America.

* DC servo motor (or sporadically AC servo motor): this motor is selectively employed only by mega-expensive super turntables for its most ideal performance, but the parts cost is inhibitably high and the operation control S/W program is difficult and pricey to design and develop.

As you would guess, motors' performance improves in the order of a AC synchronous motor, a DC motor, to a DC servo motor. Also, moving to the next upper level, the cost goes up increasingly by minimum 10 times and up to 100 times.

The most ideally designed servo motor mechanism provides the absolute absence of stylus drag, the perfect positioning of stylus, most minimized belt cogging. When such motor mechanism is applied to a turntable, the turntable renders the naturalness and comfort at their best which draw listeners deeply into the music.

This Pyon motor drive system provides the theoretically most extreme speed accuracy which is less than 0.001% speed variation at any speed. This system adopts the same motor and controller from the award-winning Ultima turntable system, our flagship model.

The DC Servo motor generates 2500 pulses per each motor revolution and the Servo controller receives these pulses and send the correction signals back to the motor 2500 times per each motor revolution. This means that the motor and the controller exchange more than 45,000 pulses and correction signals per each platter revolution. In other word, the motor drive mechanism constantly corrects and adjusts its speed accuracy more than 1.6 million times per minute, while the platter rotates 33.33 times per minute.

Summing up, this Pyon motor drive system is the best money-saving answer for you, when you desire to upgrade your turntable's performance to the level of mega-expensive super turntables without spending big money.

Simply, this Pyon system is one of the highest performing motor systems that money can buy for your turntable. period. The Pyon DC servo motor, the microprocessor-based servo controller and the exclusively custom-designed operation S/W provide the most extreme speed accuracy that the 21st-century cutting-edge technology can offer.


- Speed setting: you can set two speeds for any desired speed from 10 rpm to 100 rpm

- Speed adjustment: you can change and adjust the speed slower or faster by 0.001 rpm increment or decrement.

- Motor: DC Servo Motor (40 watt power, can drive up to a 40Kg platter)

- Controller: 24bit Microprocessor-based Servo Control Mechanism equipped with the custom-designed S/W developed exclusively for turntables

- Belt: synthetic composite belt with carbon, rubber, cotton composite material, the best turntable belt in existence today for the highest performance

- Electricity power: 100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz universal voltage for the use anywhere in the world

- Motor cable: 1.2 meter long to enable the convenient controller placement

- Motor housing: Base 120mm wide, 120 mm tall with a 40 mm long pulley

- Controller: 220 mm wide, 290 mm deep, 50 mm high

- Weight: 11.5 Kg (25 lbs)



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