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The DPS03 TANKWOOD is arguably one of the best performing shoes, if not the best, in the world.
It combines the best eye-catching design, highest technologies, extreme engineering, and the most exotic and coveted materials.

The height adjusting gear is so precise that it not only would enable infinitely precise change of height, but that its operation feel is also extremely silky and firm like the lens focusing gears of a precision camera mechanism.
The spike cup to accept a sharp spike tip is made and precision milled of solid block of golden brass which vibration-quelling property is outstanding.  This golden brass spike cup almost eliminates the micro-vibration of the thin sharp spike tip which is coupled to the golden brass cup and expedites the vibration energy transfer to the shoe mechanism in the most effective manner.
The massive TANKWOOD base body is the final tomb which all vibration energy comes to stop and disappear.
The DPS03 TANKWOOD shoes are available in two color versions: SILVER EDITION and BLACK EDITION.

“Tankwood,” also known as Panzerholz, is a resin impregnated multi-layered Birch ply. It is compressed with 250 tons psi making it almost as hard as stainless steel, yet is lighter than aluminum. While extremely dense, the original micro-cellular wood structure is preserved. Unlike regular wood, “Tankwood” will not deform or change in shape. Panzerholz offers far better performance in controlling resonance and vibration energy than other more popularly used materials such as wood, aluminum, brass, damping polymer, or acrylic.
Our proprietary technology of the height adjustable shoe offers far more convenient in leveling the applied equipment.  The conventional method of leveling is to adjust the spike length by lifting the equipment and changing the spike length repeatedly.  In constrast, our technology enables an audiophile to achieve levelness by easy dialing the knurled shoe disk without lifting equipment and changing the spike length. While watching the level placed on the equipment, simply turn the shoe's knurled disk clockwise or counterclockwise.  Also, shoe's turning feel is solidly stable, smoothly gliding, and pin-point precise.


The DPS03 Tankwood Silver sports the silver-finished knurled disk.



The DPS03 Tankwood Silver is height adjustable up to 8mm.

The DPS03 Tankwood Black features the black-finished knurled disk.



The DPS03 Tankwood Black is also height adjustable up to 8mm.

One full set consists of three units.
In general, we recommend the tripod support under an applied equipment, since the tripod support provides the most stable and balanced coupling of the equipment to the below surface.


Size: 610 x 551 (105 Kb)
Size: 288 x 349 (17 Kb)
Size: 356 x 341 (26 Kb)
Size: 377 x 319 (19 Kb)

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