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The SPIRA is the ultimate suspension mechanism which combines the best materials, highest technologies, and most extreme engineering.  The SPIRA functions to drain and eliminate all unwanted resonance and vibration energy at a lightening speed from the applied audio equipment.  The performance improvement is so dramatic and clearly discernable immediately across the whole sonic spectrum.
The optimum weight load for one SPIRA set is between 21lbs and 65lbs or between 10Kg and 30Kg. The weight of most hifi source equipments and preamps are very well positioned in this weight load range.
The used materials are the exotic TANKWOOD (PANZERHOLZ) coupler, the patented spiral suspension spring, precisely engineered duralumin housing, and super-solid over-sized zirconium bearings.  The TANKWOOD coupler is highly polished and piano-lacquered, while the duralumin housing is finished with diamond-bite trimming and anodized in dark black.
The SPIRA is the artistic pleasure for the beholder's eyes and the immense leap for sonic improvement.

- Dimension: Diam. 60mm x H 51mm
- Weight load: 21lbs ~ 65lbs (10Kg ~ 30Kg) per set

The TANKWOOD coupler is the first contacting plane with the applied equipment: a CD player, a preamp, or any source equipment.  It is made of Panzerholz (Tank wood) which boasts the fasted conveying speed of vibration and resonance energy among popularly-used audio materials.  At the same time, its unique micro-cellular structure helps the absorption of such disadvantageous vibration and resonance.  For the highest aesthetic purpose, the TANKWOOD coupler is highly polished and piano-lacquered.  The dense and beautiful TANKWOOD grain and patterns are gorgeously revealed.


The main housing is made of duralumin.  Its massive body is finished with diamond-bite trimming and black anodizing.

The top face of the TANKWOOD coupler is adorned with laser-engraved letters.
The final draining and elimination stage of vibration and resonance energy is executed by the triple ZIRCONIUM bearing ball mechanism.  These ZIRCONIUM bearing balls are sandwiched by solid and massive duralumin housings.



The above diagram shows one example of Spira’s positioning under a preamp.

-      right under the power transformer (since the power transformer continuously generates micro-level vibration)

-      right under the power input jack (since the any micro-level resonance and vibration would affect the stable electricity flow between the power cable socket and the input socket at the micron voltage and current level)

-      right under the signal input jack (since incoming music signal is weak and delicate enough to be affected by any micro-level resonance and vibration)


The different positioning of the SPIRA makes a different kind of improvement.  Therefore, it is encouraged to experiment with the SPIRA’s positioning under your transport, DAC, and preamp in order to get the best sonic improvement.  Again, the SPIRA is the resonance and vibration quelling device.  When the SPIRAs are positioned at the most resonance-and-vibration affected spots of an audio equipment, you get the best sonic improvement.


The below is the variation of the SPIRA positioning you can experiment with.






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